What school didn’t teach me (10 things)

It almost is true that most of what I needed to know, I did learn in kindergarten but heres a beginners list of what else one wasn’t taught.

1. Who I am

2. What I was created for

3. How to build outdoor shelter in an emergency

4. What x + y = 6 is really about

5. How to build a house, fix an engine and build tools

6. What to tell the DARE officer when your parent is the one smoking pot in front of you.

7. How to win at foosball

8. What the purpose of dissecting a frog is. Frogs anatomy is nothing like something one would study in med school. (My own take on this one, have kids skin and butcher a pig for a real anatomy lesson Not only is this life, but it would also prep a lot of people for real world living.)

9. What can I do with half of this knowledge school made me memorize and then forget?

10. How to have a long lasting faithful marriage. You wont find this in schools anymore. they have their own agenda.


5 thoughts on “What school didn’t teach me (10 things)

    • well I totally didn’t go to the right school then. Here in America, we just want people to graduate without real life skills. Foosball time would have been even more productive than half of what I learned. Had the schools just taught a whole generation the why of what they were learning, it might have clicked years ago!!! Thanks for the comment Pieter! Peace, cheers and blessings

      • In Year 9, when students are often at their most confused, we have a program that includes hiking in the Victorian Alps for a two weeks and also assisting the community. Due to bushfires and floods in recent years some of this work has been building and restoring fences on farms. This enables kids to grow up and develop more of a focus for the last three years of high school.

      • yeah that would have been helpful. I do like the program you have more than the one we have. That knowledge alone could have spared me some struggle. Just focus through an unfocused time. I’d like to hear more!

  1. I can add 4 things to this list. Schools didn’t teach me (or us) how to eat properly, the secret meaning of sex, how to save money and how to think independently. Fortunately, Napoleon Hill came to the rescue.

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