Helping to Kill

A decade ago, I was the one working in a plastics factory. Every day I went and couldn’t wrap my head around plastic. I didn’t understand the why of it, the how or what its purpose truly was. I found out it was just simply to create something the earth cannot dispose of. Then I look around and see trash everywhere. Now, things have to be packaged and idiot proofed and its scary really.

Don’t get me wrong I’m not an environmental person. I really honestly don’t go out of my way to recycle if it isn’t convenient. I Do care though. I’m just not 100% into it like some. But, here is the thing, I care not because of me but I see a lot of damage being done. We have shifted from a group of humans inhabiting this planet to a group of humans hell bent on destroying it at every single possible turn. We make paints and polymers and agricultural sprays that kill weeds and leech into the water.

I get it. I’m trying myself to cut down on my consumption. I want others to do the same but at this point, we’ve already cut our foot off. This planet has suffered severely over humans want for convenience.

“I want my own personal toy wrapped in plastic my parents can’t even get open.”

“I want this new shiny tool that needs to be wrapped in plastic and coated with shiny paint.”

“I want this tampon because it has shiny pretty plastic and is comfortable.”

I’m dripping with sarcasm here but I’m just noting the obvious.

Somedays I’d almost like to go back to the old west, the old way of doing things. The old practices that practiced art and craftsmanship and survival without realizing it. The days where fuel wasn’t a problem, plastic wasn’t invented and yes, our lives were complete without killing the earth.

Here’s my major thought if I can leave a thought with you: Do we really need all this crap?


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