Approach the animal

It’s been awhile since I’ve actually posted about something about butchering. Here, finally, had a thought worth expanding upon.

A long time ago there was an inservice. It was the selfsame inservice that I met my wife at and also learned this nugget. Animals pick up on intent.

I learned from then on that if I wanted to have the animal behave while loading it into the kill chute, I had to check my intention of letting show my nervousness about killing it at the door. Animals really do pick up on intent.

For example, if I were to go out to a tree stand with a camera, I would be greeted eagerly by all of natures creatures. They would laugh, play and dance in front of me. If, I go with a gun, my mindset is different and the creatures are scarce and timid. There’s a certain stillness in the air that is the haunting sound of trepidation.

If I load an animal into a butcher shop with this thought, worry or inherent push to kill it, I get one wild SOB. If, on the other hand, I walk them in smooth and calm and without any intention in my heart, I get greeted with a great almost no pressure result.

Previously at the other locker, before I knew how to be calm under pressure, I would have run in after run in with wild beasts. At several points of time, I had to dive and scramble to get out of the way of charging beef and crazy circumstances. I always thought it was the animal that was crazy but no, it was me. It was picking up on what I was feeling and it panicked because, I too, was panicked.

Once we as people can let go of our shown intention, we have a lot of great power and with that, great responsibility. Be the change inside and notice the difference. Peace.


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