Skate with the Clowns


One of my all time favorite movies. In this flick they discuss how to start following your dreams, how to make it doing what you love and how to find happiness, peace and love throughout. As with most of my posts, I don’t recommend this for anyone. I do like it however. It may offend several of you but I see past that to the point they make through this awesome movie.

At one point in our lives we finish one segment of our lives and begin another. These four friends start off to go find a way to get on this skateboarding tour. It is hilarious. They are four zany and independent dudes who learn to work together.

Their van gets stolen, their money winds up gone, they wind up getting free chili the disgusting way and many many other maladies. At the low point, their Leader “Eric Rivers” doubts his ability to lead these guys to their destination.

At that moment, one in the group chimes in and says it’s time to visit the clowns. See, his parents left him in high school to go join the circus, clowns and all.

What they learn here is how to have fun again. How to laugh, how to love and how to find victory when the odds are against you. So, if you can look past the raunchy humor and the sexual innuendos, I think you could see such a beautiful theme throughout this movie. I think you could maybe think about going to skate with your own “clowns”. Learning to have fun in doing what you are doing. Have you seen this movie?


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