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Ok, I am giving this a go, so lets go! Anyway here is the deal. I am trying out Google plus for the first times ever. I am learning a crapload about what it could do for a person. What is your thoughts on it first of all?

Here’s my current thoughts towards marketing. 1. I don’t know how yet, if I did I would have a much wider audience. 2. I have no idea how yet to drive people to what I’m doing like a lot of bloggers out there. 3. I know the tools that most use and am a small fish in a big pond. 4. I watch the WordPress page stats and realize that I could post every five minutes about my blog on Facebook but nobody is showing up because of it. 5. They aren’t showing up often from Twitter either.

So that being said, I would like to dive deep into why. Or why not. Here is my rationing behind no response. 1. my content sucks. 2. my friends suck (not really, just listing all possible reasons, my circle rocks btw) 3. People were busy that day and like every single day I post something. It seems like the only day people are not busy is Sundays but then they are not showing up to my blog. 4. They don’t like my name. 5. They don’t like what I talk about. I admit this one could be possible. I talk about things that disturb most people, blood, guts and religion. 6. The word doesn’t get out. It is like calling and calling and calling but getting a busy signal for like a year. 7. I’m using the wrong word of mouth.

Ok, I’ll stop there because that’s what I would like to dwell on for awhile.

I keep reading where only a small percentage of people who like a person’s page on facebook get to see the posts. Only a small percent. That sucks, here I thought I was reaching everyone and nope. Not even a wide circle.

I keep trying different things on Twitter. No luck there either. I can’t whip people with chains to my blog. I can’t go kiss their butts, I can’t get seo or any other crap that I don’t understand.

I have recently read up and activated the Google+ thingiemajiggery. So, what else? Let me tell you this, Since I started kind of figuring out how that works, I have had more responses than all of my previous facebook or twitter attempts. Weird, right?

So, to you, the fellow blogger who wants the audience, the wide circles and to have some sort of influence, perhaps its time to go “to the mattresses”. Or war for the Godfather challenged. Not war in a traditional sense but more like a war on your own methods of getting the word out.

Again, some are quite happy just with a few, close knit bloggers, some need millions but most of us would like enough to care that we write that it matters. I don’t speak for the others but myself here on this point. I feel like I have something to say. Therefore I want to figure out a way to say the things I need to without shouting or screaming over the noise of conversation already in progress. I’m like the kid in the corner hoping to get noticed but not doing anything worth noticing. Or some such nonsense. But, I’m changing that. I’m cocooning and going to figure out how to crack my shell to butterflydom.

Again, let me clarify. If I touch one through my writing, I am blessed. If I touch many people, I am blessed. If I touch no one, perhaps I need to go back and work on my content and make it awesome. Start with wow. Or perhaps, what I’m trying to do is not going in line with what my Creator wants me to do. I get that as well. But I know this. That we all have a gift to share with the world. We all fit together like a great giant puzzle of people, places, gifts and abilities.


Thoughts? BTW if you want to look me up on Google+, here is my addy.


6 thoughts on “Google+ Me

  1. Yeah, in general, your friends, including your facebook friends are not the ones who read your blog. I wonder why that is. I don’t use google + and hardly use twitter since I don’t want to get too preoccupied with social media. Maybe using different tags and categories will help? Or focusing on one topic and attracting like-minded people?

    • that could be. I’m experimenting right now to find something that works. I’m glad its not just my facebook friends that aren’t reading!!! It is easy to get lost in social media. Gotta come up for air occasionally! I continue to try to digital fast every so often which seems to be working. It may not work for others. One topic is hard to focus on for me. I get bored with it easily so I have to change it up. If it works for someone though, I say go for it!

  2. #1. Content is key !!!!! Try writing to some of the prompts if you really have what it takes to standout !! Margo Roby: Wordgathering gives a great weekly rundown of what’s going on !!
    This is a good place to start if you want to see who the stars really are !! I recommend checking out, Poetic Bloomings, Imaginary garden with real toads, dVerse Poet’s Pub !!!!!!
    Go to the Mr. Linky tab at the latter two sites and see how many people really get involved !!

    • Cool! Thanks. I look forward to it. i keep viewing the daily prompt like a jump rope session in progress and i don’t want to mess up da riddims!!!! I will get brave and do it. thanks again

  3. It’s all about how much you want to jump in. I have only been blogging a couple of months. It’s exciting checking to see how many people will read & comment on your words, I get a little down heartened when I haven’t had a views in a day, but that’s okay because I said what I needed to say and it’s out there.
    I’m baffled by the whole money making blogs, how does it work? I see the end coming for that soon because it seems like everyone is doing it, so I’m happy just watching from the sidelines as money is secondary to my creativity.
    I don’t blog everyday so maybe I’ll experiment myself and see what occurs.
    I’ll keep you posted.
    Good luck with gaining momentum and remember it’s a bit of fun. đŸ™‚

    • It is fun. I agree that the money pipeline from just blogging seems likely to dry up before I figure it out as well. That’s ok, i’ll just happily build a platform and be able to get these things off my chest. Oddly enough, this is therapeutic. Cheers!

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