Here in Iowa we have the orange D.O.T. trucks or the Dept. of Transportation. They are responsible for keeping the roads safe and passable. They keep the ditches mowed and the snow plowed. They work hard and I’m very thankful for that. I’ve also been quite interested in their methods.

Here are some simple things I learned from shoveling manure that would help one understand a little bit more about what they do.

If you have ever cleaned out horse stalls in a barn setting you will totally understand this metaphor. It is hot, sweaty, smelly, hard work with little benefit on first glance. On glance number two or more, we get to see the true grit and benefits emerge.

There was once a man who woke up one day in his house and felt the Lord urging him to push this giant boulder in his backyard. He, without question, did so and put his strength into it. He did this for years. He would wake up daily and push that boulder. Then he would do it again and again. Never once, did he get that sucker to move. One day, the enemy saunters over to him and says, hey man, why you trying so hard to push this thing? To which the man replies, hey, God told me to push the rock, so I push it with all my strength focus and might. Each day, I continue. The enemy looks up and says, well isn’t that just the dumbest thing? Have you ever even moved the rock? No, was the well thought out reply. Well, why not just push it a little each day? I mean you are still pushing it but who’s to know that it isn’t your absolute best? The man thought for a split second and said, no, God said push the thing, so I give Him my all. I will continue to do so. That night The Lord came to him and said, you have been pushing this rock and doing very well. But why was I asked to do this Lord, he cried? Well, even though it could not be pushed, you have grown because of this. You have acquired strength and focus and determination. You have built muscle and turned fat to something useful. Because of this, I will move the rock for you.

So, even by the simplest of stewardship and “pushing the rock” with no reason other than that urging, we come to where God will do the rest. By shoveling manure, by sweeping floors, by all of this we learn other things. Much like Miyagi, we too learn from sanding floor Daniel san. Then one day we look up and see that He has trained us without our knowing it for His work.

Sweep went the broom as one cleans off the walkway from all the manure droppings that didn’t quite make it to the cart. Sweep goes the broom again as another and another pass is made just like how the D.O.T plows snow off the Iowa roads. One pass after another. Pushing the rock. Pushing the rock. Pushing the rock. This is just a little comparison of a skill needed to be part of the D.O.T. and in any facet of life. Keep pushing the rock that you feel led to keep pushing. Don’t stop and don’t do it half butted. 100% all the time. Someday it will get revealed to you, me and anyone else interested in pushing their own rock.

I once heard a small Hollywood actor say that in Hollywood it would better for actors to have a pile of boulders to move from one side of their yard to another side daily. Not a bad idea if you ask me. Boredom and partying lead to trouble. Pushing the rock leads to the intangible benefits. Pushing the right rock, for the right reasons is even better. Peace.


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