Cycling for the scared

I have been scared and past scared of riding a motorcycle. For those who know me know that my father was paralyzed on one and that has been a big reason, I assumed, to stay away from them.

Here lately though, it has been on my mind a lot. Riding, letting the ride become 3d with new sights and sounds. Letting in smells. Seeing things one might miss in a car.

I have been perusing Craigslist and watching prices of things. I am gearing up to want to take the motorcycle safety course and start riding.

Trouble is that I’m still scared. I am nervous. I am asking myself if I get a motorcycle if I can have an accident free time of it.

Much like life, the only way we know the future is to live the present as the Bible wants us to do. Worry not about tomorrow and its own problems deal. We walk not in a spirit of fear. So, what does one do here? Do they go chase down this thing that scares them or leave it alone? Me, I tend to not want to be scared of anything so, I think it is time to save up for a bike. I may need prayers at first but hey, i’m willing to defeat my fears. I hope you too are finding what scares the holy pee out of you and chase it down and stare it down till defeated. We should as Christians or people who want to better ourselves. We should as people who do not want to be cowering in the corner.


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