There used to be just one wart on my right hand. Middle finger to be exact. On the side of it in between the first knuckle and second knuckle. It was gigungous. Or gigantic and humongous mixed together. It was painful. I hated it. I had to hide my wart while talking with new people. Then I got all sorts of mad at it and cut into it with a butchering knife. While it bled nicely and kind of depleted with signs of possibly going away permanently about ten days later it came back.

I hated that thing with a passion. I felt ugly, gross and sure wasn’t self confident about meeting people. It was terrible. Sometime over the course of two years it just simply vanished. I don’t know what I did or didn’t do but it just vanished.

Then a few years later, I spotted two warts pop up all of a sudden out of nowhere. Then within a week I had fourteen warts pop up in various places on my right hand. Have you ever tried getting out of shaking hands in a place normally expected to shake hands? Yeah, awkward.

So here I am currently disgusted by this unfortunate turn of events and unable to feel very worthwhile about life. I would run my fingers over them and memorize in great detail. I used to do this with remote controls to the television. I would want to watch a show after my parents were sleeping and then BAM!!!! television show would have a shout and get loud. I would have to be constantly tweaking the volume knobs to get it under control. I used to memorize the rows by feel so in the dark and without sight I could find channels and volume knobs and the vcr functions. Later, I would use this for not so good things but at the time, it was purely innocent.

The warts seemed to sprawl over my hand. It was hideous. My hand was leprosy to my body. Granted, my body was either too skinny, too unmuscled to be good looking anyway but still. Lets not trade one deformity for another shall we? (After the wife and I quit smoking, I gained weight in a hurry). Either way I have never had good looks going for me but WARTS??? EWWW!!!!

At first I thought it was something to do with processing and slaughtering animals. Then perhaps smoking cigarettes until we quit and the warts remained. So, again, I got brave enough to cut into each one with a butcher knife. No good can come of that as you might have already figured out.

Then one day, BAM, gone. I don’t know whether I just had a miracle performed on me from God or what but its gone. I think back often to those warts. I think back to search for clues and unravel the mystery but I still am puzzled by all of it.

I say all this to point a few things of wisdom towards you.

1. Warts are ugly but healing is beautiful.

2. Things that make us cringe and ashamed tend to be what God really uses for His glory.

3. There is something to be said for learning about yourself and memorizing your flaws. One never knows if they will wake up and be changed, be made better. It is God who does these things, sometimes so subtle that we miss them. Memorize the remote.

4. ( I always leave one blank for you the reader to fill in your own takeaway).

Enjoy!!! Peace.


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