You stole my skateboard?

As a sixteen year old, the things I loved doing was dreaming about the ability to skateboard and watching the doors or listening to their first cd repetitively. The one with The End on it. I would sit and watch the ceiling fan spin and kind of daze and zone out. Maybe my pre pot high. I loved that album. It was raunchy, dirty and rock and roll. It diverted ones raging adolescent puberty drenched hormones into a fuel source. It was everything against religion. I was kind of anti religion at this point in time. It was a screw you to the man. I didn’t even know who the man was but I was against him wholeheartedly. It didn’t matter that I knew even less about rebellion that your average ant farm. I thought this was it and I HAD ARRIVED.

Instead, I had not arrived but departed. I had somehow gotten it twisted like it is easy to do and thought I was right in what I was doing and why. I thought that I had found freedom.

No. I hadn’t. I found more bondage. More yokes to wrap around my puny teenage neck.

Then I met up with a kid with some really gnarly fro’d out hair and we started hanging out. He really liked playing hackysack with all of the lunch kids at school and we started becoming friends. Grimace, I called him cuz of his last name. He was a pretty good friend. One day I noticed he had an awesome skateboard and never rode it. So, I asked him what he wanted in return for his skateboard. Well, he hemhawed and thought about it and said, I really love the Doors music but I do not have any Doors cds. Oh Snap! My Doors cd? the one I got and listened to on a permanent repeat? Oh surely you must be joking right? I may not have money to buy a doors cd again for three years or might have to join a music club and order twelve cds for the price of a penny. All this for a decked out Girl Skateboard blue logo, shiny Independent trucks and wheels that just whistled my name. Ok. I’ll do it.

At the time I had my green ranger and somebody dropped off a skateboard from walmart and deposited it in the truck bed once upon a time. Don’t know who or why but it just showed up. So here I am as a high schooler and just acquired two skateboards. Destiny, angels chorus and insert whatever other bright light shining thought, and I had arrived. No, really, I arrived at a skate park and tried my first attempt at riding down ramps. Ninety eight falls later and disasterous results to my knee, arm, elbow, hips and shoulders, I realized that I may just not want to start with ramps.

So, time to work on riding and ollies. That seemed to be more my speed. I still can ride one goofy footed but I don’t have one anymore.

One day at school, the truck bed holding my prized but slightly devalued skateboards (you know, since I couldn’t figure it out and all) someone comes up and steals my Walmart board. Here there was this decked out Girl skateboard, Independent trucks and super glide wheels and they stole the Walmart board. What? Really? At first my thought was, morons can’t even steal correctly. In retrospect, it might have been the persons who dropped it into my truck. In further dissection of the circumstances, it may have been a nudge from God himself to get rid of that friggin Doors cd and find something else to listen to.

So, I did. I still am finding other things to listen to.

What value has this brought to you, you ask? Well, you have made it to the end of this particular story and may have thought back about something odd in your life. Something that lurks in the recesses of your mind up until now. I bet God had a wild random plan for that too. Connect the dots. Peek backwards and find the answers. I hope this helps you in your journey through this puzzle. Peace all


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