Novelty in what we do

Have you ever tried doing your job left handed? I have tried it and so far, only been able to do parts of it. But for some reason, switching hands leads to our brain synapses being all fired up and excitable.

Now, for those who know, I butcher and play with knives for my job now. I have an overwhelming urge to move away from the killing of animals and playing with knives to doing something less bloody. Maybe, like Odd Thomas, to become a simple short order cook or furniture delivery person. Maybe simplifying would be just what life ordered. if a person is in the knife field of work, I strongly suggest only the professionals even attempt using their non dominant hand to do their work. For the rest of us, lets dive in and spur our creativity.

Brush with your left hand. (Sorry left handers, you’ll have to flip all these examples.) It is a wild, novel idea that will cause your brain to reengage in your task.

Hit a baseball with your non dominant hand.

Take a different route to work.

Add smelling vases to your car for parts of your journey. This olfactory thing is reverting back to the joy of little children. Study them if you are unsure about this. What do they do? They smell things, pick them up, feel them, lick them, taste them, see what else these things do. As adults we have forgotten these simple things to make memories and impressions.

Introduce smells when meeting people so that it becomes a memorable experience. This leads to our brain associating something meaningful to meeting someone new. We all used to do this as little children but somehow forgot to as adults. I, for one, am terrible lately at names and have started trying this, it helps more than just kicking myself for not remembering.

Write left handed. This one is tough. I have a left handed son, who has trouble writing still (he’s only 4 though), his teachers are trying to teach him how a right hander would do it. Sorry, teachers, it doesn’t work that way. Left handers write a whole world different. The only way I could get him to move forward was by learning to write left handed as well.

Listen to something and read it at the same time. The audio and the visual!

If you would like more novel things, I recently read Neurobics. This may help you as well. They dissect what things like 83 things you can do different to increase your memory and make life more full.

Again, our work and our life and our marriages and our child raising experiences do not all have to be dull and one dimensional, add sights, sounds, smells and tastes to generally everything and enjoy. Ideas from you the reader?


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