Recipe for disaster

Hot water boiling to the skin, a shower curtain and a sink with edges have a recipe for disaster hidden within.

Ok, my oldest daughter likes the water almost scalding. On one particular evening, we were having a band jam at my house, ordered pizza in and was so caught up in our thing doing that we sent our eldest to bathe. It wasn’t five minutes later and commotion happened and chaos. My wife and I headed up to figure out what happened that could cause screaming, crying, shouting and all sorts of mayhem.

She (my daughter) had hopped in the scalding water, burnt herself, stood up on the side of the tub to let it cool down and had been holding onto the shower curtain. Of course we all know that the shower rod is not attached, it is not a grab handle in emergencies. Well, a seven year old didn’t know that yet but learned it that day. Upon the curtain and rod falling down and knocking her into the sink and then back into the scalding hot water, she was hit with the rod as it did its gymnastics.

Why am I telling you this story? Well, quite simply, how often do we set ourselves up for a disaster?

We, text while driving, put on makeup or look in the mirror at our teeth. We of course, have a cup of hot coffee that we are about to take a sip of when the car in front of us hits the brakes, we have to throw down our phone and coffee flies everywhere, our mirror gets jolted and of course we get irritable to say the least.

Daily, we (not all mind you) set some terrible recipe for disaster or another upon ourselves. Oh to be back in the 1800’s where one could ride a horse and reload a six shooter as the extent of multitasking.

Today, there is this pretty light here and that pretty light there and this event online and this person doing crazy things and all this compiles to a recipe for disaster.

All the while we tend to throw hands up in disgust at all of it but not willing to give anything up or change behaviors.

Now, some, like my daughter, had to learn the hard way. Some learn only that way. Some don’t have to check the boundaries for soundness.

My wife tends to lose her keys, and I got to admit this irks me quite a bit. I am learning how to approach this problem so she can see it sets up a recipe for disaster every single time. One becomes late looking for keys, or misses picking up a child or some other such disaster. Now, we can avoid these things most generally by taking proactive steps towards the solution instead of mixing the recipe for disaster we can mix it for greatness. One tiny detail is sometimes what it takes to change the whole series of events.

If we put our keys where they go daily, habitually, we will improve our own lives. If we leave early, we get to work early enough to enjoy our coffee instead of wearing it because of the rush. If we do our mirror looking at ourselves at home and our texting outside of a vehicle, I think that maybe, just maybe we can make this world a less disasterous place.

Wanna try it this way?


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