Dialogue of a preoccupied person

Now, it is commonplace to have dinner, be with family or friends, be on the phone, looking at twitter, facebook and email. We are preoccupied. We try to have conversation and compete with nineteen other things for attention. Our conversation has gotten digital but the depth has gone back to cavemanic era. We uh, yeah and uh huh our way through our days. Our family feels disconnected and we are failing.

So very often I am guilty myself of this. I check my email daily more than I should and guess what? Nothing important twenty minutes ago, nothing important now. Then I make the rounds. I check facebook and scroll to where I was last at, don’t want to miss anything of course. Then check email again cuz that scrolling probably gave time for something important to come it. Nope. Zip, zilch, nada, meganegatory. Then I check my blog, see if there is a comment. Nope, back to facebook, nothing, repeat.

Until I realized the tumult of this bad habit, I was wasting entire days off doing nothing and going nowhere productive. I have since had to discipline myself a little and notice in detail what I am doing to produce good fruit.

So very often my wife and I will be watching a movie together and I’ll be on my phone checking something, and it dawns on me that I’m a preoccupied person that my wife can’t connect with if I’m not there 100%. Instead I thought it was ok to be there 60% or so and then watched in horror as the train wreck happened. Then it was time to fix this thing to balance it back out.

Balance is a very iffy thing. Life is constantly pushing one thing out of balance or another. It is our very struggle to find balance for long. There is something else coming which will do its part to unbalance life.

So, in all things, I am targeting my preoccupation, to balance life and marriage. I don’t want to check email every ten minutes. My marriage is more important. I don’t need to have my devices on while eating supper with the family. I don’t need to look at my phone during church. I just need to be. What time is it? Now. Where are we? Here.

Here and now. Present and accounted for.

Are you noticing low tech communication failing in your family because of this high tech world? Lets not forget that people and our relationships with them are more important than a facebook update. Peace and love all.


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