The Dark Start

Imagem, I haven’t been being true to myself.  I haven’t been writing as me.  I apologize for that.  I do not hesitate to admit that I’ve been wrong.  I’ve been living a lie in my writings.  I’ve been writing like Dan Miller, Dave Ramsey, Michael Hyatt or any number of people I read all the time.  The sad thing is, I’m not them.  So hang with me as we discover my voice.


This is me, I have many random thoughts and conversations creep into my life. 

For instance yesterday I was giving someone a hard time about reading nonfiction just because it didn’t sound like something they would be interested in.  Turns out they are and they love reading about serial killers.  To which I was sure to comment why not?  The study of the sickest minds details every thought that we have as humans but few act on.  Either because the consequences or the feelings we cannot muster.  I’m not celebrating criminal minds but I do understand them as we all could look inside our own warped twisted minds and notice many things similar. 


It is a bit scary I know.  That, my thoughts are also what thoughts could surface in a serial killer or rapists head.  Hell, it could even show up in a pyromaniacs thoughts.  Makes us feel different doesn’t it? 


We glance at the darkest, baddest, meanest, most ruthless sons of guns and we shun them frantically like we aren’t even a glimmer like them or even the same form they are.  But, guess what?  We are.  All humans have within themselves greatness or its opposite. 

So, I would like to start a series here about various things that the depraved minds we would not associate with could teach us.  Since, I am all about learning in whatever format presents itself to study. 


So, if I lose some of you, I apologize, I’m not veering off the path but veering towards who I am.  I’m shedding skin if you will.  So allow me to indulge you the one who is scared to study the dark for fear that the dark will become you.  Rest assured, light shines and is only noticed in reality in the dark.  We should or could take Jesus example and go to the highways and biways or the hedges.  Even if you do not believe in a deeper spiritual thing, there is lessons here for you as well.  Lets draw together.   Lets see what things can be discovered where the worms reside.


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