Reliability of an Authentic warrior

We all have someone in our lives who is the one we turn to in our time of need or instruction. Even if that person is in our heads with crazy eyes and a staggering persona of epic greatness. We have someone who is considered “steadfast”. Not all people can ever attain this certain mark but those who do, shake things up. We look to them because we can count on them.

We seek their wisdom and input because we can trust them because of their previous reliability. To us, they are warriors. To the rest of the world, they may not mean anything.

Those who impact a few deeply, are those who change the world. The story of Ghandi reads that he was penniless and homeless I think. He led million(s) against their struggle. He had charisma and purpose.

Winston Churchill had been called a loser before and after his greatness was visible in World War 2. He was considered a failure until he did his work during that tumultuous time. After his work was over, people still considered him a failure. But he had guts, he had reliability. It didn’t matter what others had illusioned him as or what illusions he had.

It always surprises me that we seek reliability only after we become reliable to a higher degree. I listen to music and if a band produces an album that is good followed by something that sucks, I count that as the anti thesis of reliable. I can know for certain that AC/DC will still be playing songs that groove on a new album. I can know that they will still rock the same simple song structures and the same simple outfits but I rely on that. I know that Salvador Dali always painted something with hidden codes and clues and symbols for everyday things. I can rely on that. I can read Stephen King or Dean Koontz or Patricia Cornwell and know that they will continue to be themselves. They may throw curveballs and surprises but they will be still doing the same thing, speaking in their unique voice.

That is what I consider reliable. I consider the Beatles reliable even after their drug laden commute through the universe. The reason being is even though they stretched the possible, they still produced something they were proud of. Now, did the rest of us get it? Not always, but those who lived through their era followed along with little question as to whether they were right or wrong.


So, how can we be reliable and yet not predictable? Sort of like a bipolar month of May, we too can do just this.

1. Do the Steve Jobs or Earnest P Worrell thing and have our closets stocked with the same outfit to simplify the rest of our choices. We hit a certain amount of routine in dress so we can focus on hitting the phenomenal in other areas.

2. Be you. On sophomore albums, bands tend to worry more about pleasing their fans than making great music. Once one starts making music people will like, they lose that edge of being themselves and making music that they like. So be you and the other things will take care of themselves.

3. Change which pockets you put things in. I used to put my wallet in the back right, the keys in the front right and my phone in left front. My son walked in one morning and spilled pop on my phone pocket. So, rather than change, cuz I did have to do some dirty yard work later, I just simply changed my pockets around. Then I had to change my wallet around to because why go if we can’t go all out. It is refreshing. At the same time, change is the only constant we need to be aware of. It is the most reliable thing.

4. Stop caring what is expected of you and do what you do.

5. (insert your idea here for a reliable, authentic warrior)


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