Influence of a Boot Licker

Stomp the Yard is one of my favorite movies of all time. It has a wonderful sense of dialogue and timing. All done in a rhythym as those who know music or rhythym do things. It could teach many people lessons on Christianity, life, liberty, finding their way or what ever you personally believe in searching for a deeper understanding of.

A man learns to become a true man, one who depends on his team and not himself by the time life grants him experience enough to realize. He meets with opposition along the way. His brother gets shot in the beginning of the movie, which leads him to a change. The selfishness he displays in the first scenes becomes a glaring flaw from which he eventually gets wisdom from.

At one point in the movie, he looks up after winning a competition and this dialogue ensues with his defeated opponent.

“we got unfinished business bootlicker”

“Indeed.” was the reply. as he walks away

How many of us would have just said Indeed? I would have had adrenaline spiking through my body at that time and would have said something totally foolish like “you bet sucka” or some other such nonsense. I have to admit that his approach worked. Not only did it work, but it did so with impact and influence.

Here is a few things to think about for your own life.

1. It all starts with a realization of what escalates a situation vs what resolves it until the proper time and place.

2. We have a choice to stay angry or move towards kindness.

3. Forging ahead and carrying the good parts of the past with you is more important that bludgeoning ourselves with our past failures.

What words of wisdom could you find if you have watched this movie?


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