Consequences of a dream

Few things in life are ever written in stone. Several things wind up with various could be outcomes sort of like the ending to the final destination movie from awhile back. Influence comes in a variety of input decisions.

We decide that today we will wear red when green would work as well. We decide to go for a whole milk coffee addition. Instead of the nonfat variety. Do these decisions matter? For the most part no. Life will go on, and there is a chance to pick different tomorrow.

So, why is it when we have a dream, we tend to think it could only be interpreted one way? I suffer this dilemma as well. Over the course of the past few years I have seen premonitions from dreams. When these events go down in real life there is a deja vu’ moment. I have thought I had their meaning pegged and understood before the event happened but have been seriously misled several times because of my “understanding”.

So, it is with caution that I encourage you to not be solid in your belief concerning your dreams. Allow them to remain flexible and pliable. They will come clear when a person needs them the most.

We can have these things work for good or for destruction. It is our choice. It is our subconscious or whatever trying to give us a message but sometimes the meaning remains shrouded in mystery until it gets revealed to us. So, be patient and wait on the clarity. And if it never comes? Well, don’t forget that we all are travelling a path, and without much outside influence we can still be brought to our path or our Way. It is funny that even when not trying, life brings itself to us.

Have you read the Way of the Peaceful Warrior yet by Dan Millman?


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