Hey, readers or those who wander in, I need to get an apology off my chest.  I have been trying to rush my art to get a sale and that is not fair to you guys.  Art takes time and trust.  I however, am impatient.  I try to rush things and shake things up before they are ready.  So, let me fix this.  I realize I should not monetize this and instead just do it for fun.  I should do all my art with fun in mind and not get swept up chasing a dollar.  I appreciate you and forgive me for the misuse of trust.  Peace all, enjoy the art from now on.  I’m getting back to making art for art’s sake and if something good comes from it, cool, if not, cool.  I forgot that I loved doing art just to create.  So, lets move forward.  Look forward to sharing great art again.  Peace


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