ten thousand pigs a day

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it worried me as I finished training and looked up from the little makeshift table set up to cut pork bones out of the shoulders. I was used to playing with knives and cutting meat. what I wasn’t at all prepared for was a hog flying by roughly every two to three seconds. I wasn’t used to having to dodge hogs because a huge employer cares more about their product than their resources. I wasn’t ready to trade in my values for some God forsaken means of production. I wasn’t prepared to ruin my shoulder in the name of a living.

it worries me, that we have grown accustomed to the industrialized age when it is rearing its ugly head in its violent death throes. Screwed into becoming a number on a chart somewhere. forsaken like one of the modified organisms we had to sink our dull and pointless knives into until it was mind numbing. you know, the points might make us shank someone. wow. kinda what prison might be like, if I knew what prison would be like. except, maybe less exercise there at the knife wielding facility.

I asked the question that maybe I shouldn’t have. Is God pleased with this?

I highly doubted it. morally, I wasn’t ok with it. where in the world do ten thousand pigs a day come from? its not like the confinement operations down the gravel can hold that many. I think two thousand is a normal number. but wow. is it really wise to have our meat modified genetically?? is it wise to watch this abomination take place?

so sad really. sad in the way that the assembly line was ever invented. it would be excellent for only the robots. God made the rest of things unique and also perfect. they didn’t need modified genetically to get bigger faster with less feed or to be raised inside on concrete with no room to maneuver.

the whole process was intense and so was my desire to get the heck out of there. I hated every minute of it. they would announce at ten till our exit that we’d be doing overtime. i’d walk out. I never did well in a factory setting because its overdriven by my artistic nature. look, i’m glad that this place exists but I feel for anyone who is forced to sell their life for a steady paycheck and some insurance in exchange for the greatest part of them to be left home. their mind, their spirit, their passion. and we look at where it has all gone wrong. I can tell you. we should have never industrialized but it had to happen. we had to go through that to get here and learn exactly how much we are different and shouldn’t be standing on a line doing some mind numbingly stupid work. im not calling the workers stupid but the work. it is an abomination.

so here is several lies to start disbelieving.

1. go to school, get a good job and retire. that method is dead. it might still work for some about to retire but I wouldn’t start my life on that philosophy right out of h.s. nowadays.

2. cheaper is better. FOR WHOM???? the men and women who tirelessly exist to be that cog? their children who see the pain and anguish because of a job?

3. God assigned work to Adam so it is supposed to be intensely disliked. WRONG! I think God is more pleased when I am enjoying what i’m doing enough to glorify HIM! I think it tortures God that we continue to sell ourselves to bondage just because consumer culture teaches us we should

4. what about the insurance? well, if i’m doing something God made me do, chances are good that I’m not going to suffer a severe stroke or heart attack or an embolism. in fact, I think vacating from an assembly line will greatly reduce my risk to the point where insurance is not a determining factor.

5. fall in line. I abhor this expression vehemently. theres no leader in a robot culture. i’m going the opposite way.

6. (your suggestion here?)


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