Zelda’s lessons to us

imagesCA1CD52AimagesCAHU3LHAThe legend of Zelda. what a wonderful game. filled with great tips we could apply. I played this game a lot on the original Nintendo. It is filled with good teachable moments. so, diving right in:

1. we start with very little life (hearts) and can increase in strength and life. in the game everyone starts with three hearts. from there you can defeat levels and find secret passages leading to many more. How life like is that? we can definitely apply this.

2. we are given the basics upon a beginning. we are given the wimpiest of swords and a throwaway shield which protects nothing. we all start with no knowledge and simple tools. we can gather greater things later but for now, we gotta battle several things with what we have.

3. lots of things are hidden. there is passages on the game, secret trees, pushable gravestones and bombed out areas not found in plain sight. this one is huge. there is a lot that is hidden from view in life. there is a lot hidden from our spiritual life as well until we diligently seek and diligently find.

4. watch out for spirits and witches. how amazing that sometimes people play with Ouija boards and incantations thinking that they are games. no, just like Link finds out, these things are real and can summon some bad things to us if we do not approach them properly. Saul raised Samuel and was really not ready for that bit of crazy grumpiness.

5. we must gather pieces of the puzzle to solve our challenge. in the game, the triforce was scattered and shattered. so, naturally Link must defeat the levels and piece this powerful piece back together. in life, we sometimes have it rough as a child or have something blocking our forward movement and we wind up as fragmented people until we defeat our fears, live triumphantly and piece back the scattered together.

what about you? any other ideas?


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