What Mario teaches us

image found from google

image found from Google

Nintendo. Super Mario Bros. chances are, this is a long forgotten memory i’m trying to recall. picture the tv sitting on the floor, the wires in a wild configuration of antenna cable and adapter with switches to the vcr and a drink on the floor with a snack nearby. that was my childhood. how about yours? I remember staying over at a friends one night and I had almost exhausted my available options to hook up the Nintendo and was on the verge of waking them or their parents up when I found the solution. I had to hook the antenna to the vcr and use the selector switch. of course, how simple. the selector switch. ah, gaming delight. time to dive into Mario bros.

1. we cannot go backwards. Mario teaches that in the very first opening clips with the little self explanatory bright block.

2. we have a time limit. all of us are in a limited amount of time. we can have unlimited buffet plates, internet and phone service but time and trust are always going to be limited. use both wisely

3. sometimes hitting the duck is fun but not the bigger picture. I used to get and experience great joy by hitting the duck, bouncing the duck and timing the jump to hit and pause the duck again. sadly, it moved me not forward it just wasted time.

4. there are levels. if we never beat level 1 we never get to try our hand at level 2 or more. the more capable we become, the more gets handed to us. we must do them to beat this game of life. there are shortcuts but not all of us choose them or can find them. sometimes, they make us skip a lot of fun. some games get beat anyway and we have the rest of the afternoon. like life, sometimes we repeat things to learn something different.

5. Mario had a goal. we all should have a goal. we should have a princess to rescue or a bad guy to defeat or a challenge to overcome.

what about you? any suggestions?

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