Learning to break things down

Ok, you all have been a wonderful audience so far. even on a topic so uninteresting as slaughtering animals, you guys have found something of interest. sadly, it opened my eyes to how little I really wanted to continue this but it’s been good for me. Just when one thinks they have explored all angles, something new pops up to my conscious from wherever these things are from.

So, all this time, I’ve been feeling quite like Joseph from Genesis. sitting in prison waiting and waiting to get out and be able to help again, to be useful and to matter. After so long, i’m sure even Joseph struggled with the struggle. But accidents are rare and meaningless accidents are even rarer. I can’t piece together quite how this all started together but I will say that God has hand His hand in it the whole time. It occurs to me that He intervened on a very fateful day. My current boss called me mere hours after getting fired from another locker. they just happened to call around on that day to find a suitable replacement butcher. which was just cool and a bit awkward at the same moment.

I had just spent our emergency fund minus two hundred on a bigger vehicle the day before that. My youngest son had been born four days before that and things were kind of hectic and crazy. so, yes, I don’t think that particular set of events was entirely void of meaning. but anywhat.

this thought occurred to me this morning as I float on cloud nine dreaming on my new plan for business venture: I have been learning to trust. I have been learning to get away from the hourly mindset so prevalent now but unheard of a little more than a hundred years ago. I have been being taught the value of mastering fear. most important for today was learning to break things down. Learning to put them into perspective.

It dawns on me that this, new way of viewing my current work, really made it stick that God has plans yet and they will not be thwarted. Confidence builds as momentum picks up. I can learn a myriad of things from this breaking things down thing. here’s a few.

1. getting used to breaking a large thing, task, idea into smaller ideas is connectable. I can transfer that skill just as anyone who buys bulk and cans will tell you.

2. getting used to working the big thing first and dealing with the big hairy audaciousness of something. there was a time I thought my previous debts were insurmountable. but, just like eating an elephant, one bite at a time.

3. sometimes the reverse doesn’t work so well. For musicians or artists, the great truth hits us over the head. just cuz we have taken the time and put in the effort to make art into our huge thing, others will be trying to break it down and tear it apart. well, the officially rude ones anyway. and again, this is not an end all be all but a very situational thing. what can be torn apart can sometimes not be pieced back together again and what can sometimes be pieced together cannot be easily or achievable torn apart.

I take automobiles for instance. they are a pain to strip all away and have frame separate from body and engine from frame. it can be done to tear them apart but not very easily. it should be enough we have a brake to fix and not the whole engine.
so, you see, we all learn differently but some teachers are exceptional at breaking things to eatable bites for the others less knowledgeable. so enjoy breaking down the big and building up the little. Let me know what you have broken down into smaller, more usable chunks! thanks!

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