the joy of children

Children are fun. crazy and fun. there is currently four children in our household. four. bigger vehicle included. more laundry than we ever thought possible. some certain days, we don’t get the dishes done and some days we are so exhausted we don’t care.

the ages are 6,4,18 months and 4 weeks old. the challenge came after the third one arrives. with two kids, two parents life is pretty simple. this one takes off, this parent goes after them. with three it is exponentially harder to manage. it is a situation where this one runs off, that one is cutting one of our plants with scissors/ and the third one just got jabbed with something. add a fourth to that and all I can say is wow!!! how the world does life find its rhythym without knocking all the air out of our sails? this is crazy! now, the majority of our days are spent, prohibiting this one from grabbing something off the floor, another one throwing up milk constantly because of a weird little stomach, the older two knocking each other out.

so, luckily, we have decently behaved children, but I still would like suggestions on how to handle the tribe bigger than we are? we have learned some interesting tricks and tips but we still are a long way off. so, for my readers out there, I welcome some advice from parents out there. not advice from one child parents either, sorry, but you are not on a level of scope this broad. its not personal.


One thought on “the joy of children

  1. Hope I qualify to comment – we only had 3, and they were a bit more spaced out (3 years between both times) but here goes
    First – congratulations on a fab family
    2) Never feel put down if the house is a mess. It’s your house, not theirs!
    3) Enjoy every minute, and keep reminding yourself these are short years. Build happy memories.
    4) Nomatter how busy or tired, pray with them every day/evening – you won’t regret it
    5) If kids know they are loved, they cope!
    6) Stop worrying, just do your best.

    Bless you all!

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