Stuck? Rock it. Still Stuck? Walk it.

thCAB67L5JYears ago, while still driving a rear wheel drive ranger pick up in the middle of winter, a friend and I had quite the experience. we were traveling to Muscatine from the country. He lived about five miles away and me about 7 from Muscatine. Life was fun and we would sometimes do something dumb but this one sticks out.

a new road was being built and eventually would be completely paved to a highway. on this particular day with a nice four inch white shroud upon it, we were heading in for something and guess what? I looked over and said, dude, I can make this. he knew exactly what I meant and before he could protest, We were 100 yards into an unfinished road and buried. wow. we didn’t even speak for three minutes. we had an air of hostility floating so thick one could almost have punched it.

we both sigh at the same time and get out, still no words. as we start our first mile, he finally explodes. Profanities a flying and i’m being totally screamed at but his expression made it so worth it. he was convinced that I had just ruined his night. I was convinced I just made it better, cuz, you know, everyone wants a five mile walk in 20 degree weather. well, some do, but they are doing it out of discipline, not out of necessity.

a lesson still keeps popping up through that. some roads aren’t worth going down. some are trouble and make life difficult. some ideas just aren’t worth pursuing, no matter how funny it may be later.

what about you? do you have any crazy stories of a misjudged winter mishap? share away, id love to hear them


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