“The boy in striped pajamas”

the-boy-in-the-striped-pajamas-poster-970484285Wife and I watched a very touching movie the other night. it was based on world war two, a family of germans was promoted and given a house near their ‘work’. at first glimpse, everything was perfect. The family consisted of the traditional two parents (man and woman) and the traditional two kids (boy and girl). the father winds up overseeing one of the camps. the little boy gets a glimpse out the window and sees “strange farmers in striped pajamas” and asks his mother about them. his mother gives the lets leave them alone answer. everything is ‘hunky dory’ and no worries. daily, he inches towards the open gate that leads to the ‘farm’. through certain experiences, he learns that the germans viewed Jews as worse than dogs at that moment. some, sadly, still do.

the story takes on several weird little twists and turns that the expectant watches with horror at what is setting up in the story. it truly is a wild ride through a very, very crazy story.

the little boy soon makes his way to the fence to watch and another boy is there in striped pajamas. the german boy starts talking and wanting to play with the little boy but is still naïve about whats going on. soon, he’s bringing food and drink and eventually gets asked why he has numbers tattooed on him and wears funny pajamas. as only children can, in their innocence, they eventually strike up a conversation about an extra set of pajamas. the german boy only knows that the Jewish boy cannot leave but what if he were to switch pajamas and tunnel under via shovel.

it is weird to note that most of us can turn a blind eye to something until it happens to us. the family tolerated the ‘weird’ smell and the Jew hating comments but it hits home in the end. its ironic that one of the most important men of that camp and his son, would wind up in an eye opening experience. oddly enough, power doesn’t stop fate from making a truth so unbelievably real, that it hurts.

the point is this; we are sometimes given power, responsibility, wealth, intelligence but even that can’t stop fate. even those things don’t guarantee a happy or productive life. they are gifts but sometimes a most horrifying gift it becomes. so, I suggest you watch this poignant movie and lets discuss some more. I don’t want to give the ending. tell me what you think?


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