What Wile E. Coyote teaches Christians

A few lessons our cartoon buddy could teach us all about life and God.

1. Dont look down. We can run off a cliff forever looking up and trusting but the moment we look down. *Long whistling plummet sound inserted here!

2. Quit chasing what doesnt matter. If it matters and we can get there, or catch it, its meant to be. If we chase a lust, we are never satisfied.

3. Avoid using crappy products. Any cartoon with Acme products has a certain reputation to hold onto. Pick a more reliable source for information and products. (I.e. Bible)

4. Persistence in the wrong things never pays off. We could try catching the roadrunner for the rest of our lives but itd be funner chasing a rainbow and kicking the leprechaun in the nuts while two unicorns dance silently through middle earth.

5. (Your lesson here?)


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