Recording Isaiah

Have you ever wondered what it was like for Levitical priests to recite the Torah (first five books of the bible)? It had to take quite awhile and alot of lip moisteners such as water.

Recently ive felt an urging to read Isaiah aloud and record it being read. It took about three and a half hours and some discovery of technology but its done. Now comes mastering and editing. I have no idea what im supposed to do with it now but im glad its done.

It is an amazing thing to read scripture aloud. It involves most of your abilities. Sight, hearing, touch and speaking. It popped alot of things out that ive read lots before but it never dawned on me until then. Thats one of the great things ive gotten so far out of the experience. The other things i havent quite understood yet.

I recommend doing this on your own as well. It doesnt even have to be the bible. It could be your favorite book and you dont want to pay thirty bucks for the audio book, or it could be you havent found it in audio yet. It is a little out of my comfort zone but after editing it, i can take it on drives and allow Isaiah to be studied. Some get nervous or self conscious about hearing themselves speak on recordings. Some belittle their pitch…pick a thing, but im here to say

“All of our greatest successes lie outside of our comfort zone” (i dont know who said this but its brilliant!)

What have you done lately that takes you out of your comfort zone?


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