offline for a bit

Starting tomorrow, i will no longer have the internet at home. Spiritual, financial, and a list of other reasons why. We have a rock solid goal to get close to God and I am aware i have gone farther away from God here recently online. A rock solid goal too of opening a business and we are starting on the path of saving towards it.

Scorched earth right now, but its worth it later.

In the meantime, meaning, i wont post for quite awhile, please feel free to look up some incredibly awesome people who have helped me along with this blog. Thank you all so much for the support and great comments and awesome info shared. A pleasure indeed. a very neat learning as she goes through the Bible and expounds its insights. a very cool person blogging about faith, family and blogging.

My buddies band, pretty cool at

An awesome leadership blogger at

And good buddy skropp doing his blogging at

So again, you guys have been wonderful to me and i hope i can send readers your
way. Some honourable mentions include susie lindaus wild ride, the droid your looking for, the lame housewife blog, travels of ur,, dave ramsey,com, and survivong urban crisis


9 thoughts on “offline for a bit

  1. Awww… will miss you! But if it’s what you feel is right then go for it with everything you’ve got. God will delight in you. Thanks for all your online fellowship – feel I know you! Bless you all.

  2. Thank you sir, for the mention. I wish you well, it’s been great conversing with ya. If or when you find yourself online, shoot me a tweet or email or somethin! God bless.

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