Burden of Being Christian

Life was so much easier before following after Christ. Quite simpler even.

I could go do what i wanted and say what i wanted and be what i wanted to be. I could go wherever my steps took me and not feel bad about being there. That includes strip clubs, drug dealers, raves…

But then something weird started to happen after coming back to the Lord or letting Him come to me (not sure yet which one). I lost my desire to go where i shouldnt and to see what i shouldnt and to speak what shouldnt be spoken.

I cannot explain it, but here comes the battle! Those who have experienced this will understand.

A person is changed by Christ and then becomes this hyper vigillant sin chasing Bible thumping, watchman who starts rubbing everyone the wrong way.

Yeah, sometimes ive become that person.

Then i start getting the love (hatred) because im no longer cool to be around and im ticking people off. Then i get to hear about how im off the path and misquoted the Bible….well, sorry folks, God is not always love and nice and puppy dogs eyes. Read revelation if you do not believe me. Read isaiah, jeremiah, daniel…. you get the idea. So that got me thinking about why i became a jerk whenever I started getting closer to Christ.

1. People arent changing and learning at the same time spiritually.

2. People dont appreciate being hit with truth

3. People dislike having to examine themselves

4. People dont respond well to being told they cannot do something and normally do it all the more.

So i became someone trying way to hardto change the world without being the change i wanted to see in the world. How about you? You changing the world through your own change or being a jerk


4 thoughts on “Burden of Being Christian

  1. I guess changing the world is God’s job, not mine. It makes it a bit easier for him if he can point to some good examples of changed lives – which is where we come in. We are witnesses, not judge – not even jury!

    • Yes, and to witness is more to just lead an exemplary life and not shove it on others. I forget that but i see others who dont. I like your idea of changed lives, might write about that here shortly. Thank you and God bless!

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