taxidermy and its cousin butchering

Recently I was talking with a very awesome Godly couple who have their own taxidermy shop in Boone, Ia. S & S Taxidermy is the name and if any get their trophy, feel free to take it there. I personally like to drive and go out of my way to support Christian businesses, you can do what you like.

Its weird to think that there are so many people who have no idea that one simple deer can supply business and support to a wide range of services.

For instance, a deer hunter has to go through and pay their hunting license fee and habitat stamps and whatnot. Then they have to either buy equipment to process it themselves, or take it to a locker, leading to money spent at grocery stores, meat lockers, meat product suppliers, employee wages to pay bills…etc. If, they get a nice buck or racoon or big fish, they can take it to their taxidermist of choice. What an awesome thing God has allowed to happen.

In days since forgotten, there was no big box store, there was teepees and fire and rocks and horses and animals to hunt. That meant a person or tribe had to go and make every part useful. Not waste anything.

What are you using every part of? Can you think some about what you do for a living and trace what other people or tribes or businesses it flows to and helps?


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