defib the quiv

Defib the quiv is short for defibrillate the quivering heart.

I used to think from watching ER alot, was that the defibrillators part was to jumpstart the heart. It wasnt until more medical knowledge was learned by me that the defibrillator is not to start but stop the quivering heart.

Quite an odd little paradigm shift if you ask me but it is a very important one.

So now that ive disrupted your world, lets stop your quivering heart as well. What task is going mad and acting like an emotional jellyfish? As a business owner, marketer, pastor, carpenter…. do you have something going crazy or dying? Can you stop it and defib the quiv?

Its not easy to stop things from spinning out of control but it must be altered to change it. Anything that is in motion tends to stay in motion unless acted upon by an opposite force… we must become that active opposition to our own flubbering jelyfish. Take charge of it, shock the snot out of it and go forward in a mindset of change!


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