Meat Lockers

Heres a topic, i love talking about. I lovethe process that meat shops follow. From live animal to wrapped steaks.

I think it is a disservice to only work or visit one. I treat choosing one akin to choosing a church. Visit many until you find one that fits you.

One can come up with innovative solutions from new locations and new equipment.

For instance, one place uses two grinders and that technique is so efficient. Another place uses, barrels to saw the beef to store in cooler till needed. One place twists sticks individually while another cooks the entire rope, then cuts the sticks.

Some of these things save time and money, build a brand and encourage customers.

Can you go see how your work is done elsewhere to improve it? If you are a marketer, call up a non competing firm and ask graciously for a tour. As a business owner, go hit up another business owner for a tour. I suggest going to a seemingly unrelated business or process to glean something brilliant.

How would this touring and differing help you in life?


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