To Marry a Butcher

I dont know how i got a wonderful woman to fall in love with me and my bloody, smelly clothes but Im glad she did. Im going to ask my wifes perpective on this post.

What is it like having bloody clothes in your laundry? They are a pain to try and get clean.

Does it bother you to smell deer, hog, pig crap on your husband? Sometimes

How does your husband working as a butcher make you feel? Having my husband as a butcher, I don’t know how to explain it other than it makes me feel safe. It is a dying art and knowing my husband can catch our food take the hide off in a beautiful fashion so as the hide can be made into something and make the meat useful is a great feeling, i know he can provide in a bad case scenario, it’s a securing feeling.

What advice would you have for a wife of a farmer, butcher or any of Mike Rowes dirty jobs? Your man works hard. Let him know how much you appreciate how hard he works. Surprise him once in awhile.

Is there any questions you would or have wanted to ask a butchers wife


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