En Passant

En passant in French means in passing and it corresponds to a move in chess. Neat move btw.

Id like to examine it in a different but similar context.

Chess dictates that en passant is when a opposing player moves their pawn on a pawns initial move the alotted two spaces. The player who hasnt just moved the pawn can slide angled and take the two square pawn. Its huge, but little.

ThT is alot like life. Sometimes we pass people on the street or sidewalk or at coffee….it can be a meeting or an instant that changes little or a lot. We can choose to change their day with a smile or try to ruin it to match ours.

Which strategy do you like to use? Which one leaves a better impression?


2 thoughts on “En Passant

  1. Every place we touch, we leave a tiny fragment of our selves – a few cells I guess; but also every interraction with another person leaves a remainder as you say; and we have a responsibility to take charge of whether it’s a positive or negative experience – for both ourselves and the other. Great analogy!

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