How to Strengthen your marriage

This post is to counteract the butcher your marriage post. This is examples from my own marriage to make your marriage thrive as well.

1. Talk about them in nothing but a high regard. I catch myself thinking of negative thoughts, but i avoid saying them out loud to friends family or coworkers. Talk them up and praise them publicly.

2. Talk to them and put distractions far away. Put down the phone or tablet and get out of the book. If talking is not your strong suit, try listening. If relations are tense try a system of improvement. A five for five rule. Start by standing five feet away from them and listening for five minutes and no interruptons but total focus.

3. Get on the same page with finances and raising children. These two things have destroyed many great relationships. Get on a budget and sign it at every family meeting. Get involved to change it.

4. Compliment them authentically. Be original, be passionate, be creative. For instance my wife is pregnant right now and i know shes self conscious but i go up and put my hand on the belly. Love the belly, i tell her that her roundness is very exciting to me (and mean it).

5. Leave them a love note. Sounds corny but my wife puts love notes in my lunch. It brightens my whole day. Do that for your spouse. Be goofy and have fun with your notes. It doesnt have to be sappy, but must be from your heart and original.

6. Catch your wife doing dishes or laundry and go appeal to her softer woman side and join to her and initiate perhaps something for later. Nothing inspires my wife more than me surprising her and initiating contact for later. Prime the pump.

7. List your tip?


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