How to Butcher your Marriage (5 easy steps)

Ok most people expect other people to give advice on how to save their marriage but im flipping that today. Maybe reverse psychology could do us all some good in our marriages.

1. Pay attention to everything but your spouse. Sports scores, poker games, beer, friends, pretty girls, porn, tv, internet chats, emails, twitter, facebook

2. Pretend to listen. You see him/her talking and lips moving but you rank what she/he has to say right up there with eating dirt

3. Talk negative about your spouse. This is especially a good technique at wrecking marriage. Tell friends and family bad and embarassing stories about them. Tell their annoying quirks to anyone who will listen

4. Always be mad at your spouse. Sure, they werent there but its their fault. All of it. Maybe punch them once in a while to improve your mood. Neighbors love seeing the cops at your house and you going away another night anyway.

5. Be arrogant. The spouse hasnt done anything, in fact you have carried them and are quite sick of it.

These things, one or all are guaranteed to destroy your marriage, scar your children and give those pesky neighbors something real to talk about.

Next post, im going to share some tips on how to strengthen your marriage.

Until then, what other steps could wreck a marriage?


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