Common Sense, Monkey Style

Look up words you are unfamiliar with
keep loose but strong
If falling, go with it not against it
If sliding go with not against it
If crazy seek help or help yourself
if broken dont use it
if too expensive dont buy it
if leaking fix it
if in doubt, ask questions
move out of someones way if arms are full
” ” if carrying a couch
” ” if not your home
dont sit in sheldon coopers seat
Dont shake hands with monk
Kill no bee with bare hand
Dont wipe your hand on windows if foggy
Clean with an empty mind
do your work with joy, it will make task better
Learn to use a gift and transfer it to other things
Pray often
keep your wife interested by being interested
praise your children
let passion into your marriage and activities
listen to your preacher
Read into everything
dont read into everything
do it all
Do none
change thinking to change outcome
Check mirror often
Elbow grease is good for you
“Lord loves a working man
see a doctor get rid of it
Dont trust whitey”

More net time


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