Thoughts on American Pie

Years ago there was American Pie the movie. At the time, it was funny but over the years and sequels later it almost leaves one bewildered.

I know that we are bombarded everywhere we turn with sex, beauty, crass, greed, murder, corruption, envy..pick a stumbling block. Hollywood wants it that way because we’ve all heard that, “sex sells”.

So does the tried and true but slightly boring. Such as; a happily married couple who have made it fifty wonderful years, a child given a bad situation but turning it into something successful, a veteran losing limbs or other damage….in other words, real life to real people.

The people who get up early and stay up late to provide for their children. The business owner which hasn’t seen his or her family and just trying to launch. The son who becomes a father and plays baseball with his son and teaches him how-to catch.

That kind of original, that kind of real should always sell. And not to make a buck, but it ought to be what we demand morally from a hollywood aborting our morals in trade for ratings and dollar bills. Case in point, kurt cobains picture of a baby diving after a dollar.

Is this what we have become? Should we be this?


4 thoughts on “Thoughts on American Pie

  1. It’s all fleeting, isn’t it, all that stuff, fame, hollywood values. What really matters will never be “sexy” because it’s counter-cultural: God, family, virtue, integrity. So, we continue to swim against the tide and at the end of the day, we here our Father say “well done, good and faithful servant.” Thank you for this thoughtful post.

    • Thanks! How right you are that values arent sexy enough for hollywood, but they are more fulfilling and happiness bringing than immorality. I hope Canada isnt affected because of americas terrible choice last night! God be with you and family!

  2. Great post. Even the psychologists tell us that watching ‘feel good’ stuff with lots of achievement-in-spite-of-the-odds is really good for us. Yet our screens are filled with bilge, that depresses you, corrupts you, and turns your morality on its head – and they call it entertainment! No wonder we blog instead of watching it!

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