how deer hunters can tick off butchers 3

So, we have covered several topics to tick off meat lockers and i will wrap this up with this last thought.

5. Am i going to want the head, the antlers only or to cut into the skull. The fact that hunters do not know that the locker cannot do certain things to please even you, Mr. Bigshot, speaks volumes about your character. If you want it skull capped, to wherei cut into the skull and expose the brain, you take it home and grab a saw and go to work.

According to IOWA LAW! No meat locker can cut into a deers head to expose the brain due to CWD (chronic wasting disease). This doesnt mean slip your butcher a twenty to do it anyway. That is wrong. It still is illegal and i know most business owners with integrity will get rid of you as a customer. Most owners will not risk their livelihoods on your $75 deer. I cant blame them.

So take the head with you to do it at home (which im not sure if even that is legal depending on your dsiposal method) or have the butcher saw the antlers at the base.

This applies to business or marketing or church pastors. Know the rules and law and walk within them out of respect for the Creator. Proverbs tells us that in 15:27 “he that is greedy of gain troubleth his own house but he who hates bribes shall live.”

Thanks for participating i n another series! What takeaways have you experienced from these posts?


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