how deer hunters can tick off butchers

Ok so you have a deer (or a business, elevator pitch, artwork…) and you have field dressed it and are now bringing this into your favorite local locker and want it processed.

Some questions to ask yourself before you get there.

1. Did i cut the bunghole and the piss bag out? I cant tell how many times people leave in the piss bag like its a seasoning sack. Its not. Dont leave it, it comes out at the field dressing part. It is even quite simple.

For people in business or a creative on a project, this means take out the fluff and what doesnt need to be there. Take out something that could poison its goodness. Such toxic things as anger, malice, entitlement, bad product…

2. Did i wash it well and remove most of the dirt? If not, why not? Heres Locards principle relative to deer hunting or business… any things that interact leave a trace of that interaction. So, it goes like this, if you screw up big time field dressing the deer with hair everywhere, that hair tends to stay there. I dont like to eat deer hair in my chili, but if you do be my guest.

For business or marketing or anyone offended by natures ways, this is you asking whether you have done something so efficient as to leave little transferrance. This means your ego should be stripped from the final product. It is quite like a good drummer, if its good you hardly notice it but if gone, it changes the song. That should be our projects, removed from us grandstanding and leaving the world with something great that can stand on its own.

3. Did i tag it? The IOWA DNR prints two tags, one for the ankle and one for the antlers if a buck. If its a doe, both tags go to the hind legs. This means that the deer is not legal to move, field dress, or even touch until tagged. For good reasons too. For all the jackoffs that like like to poach deer for the antlers or elephants for their tusks. You disgust me but i digress.

This affects business owners in a similar way. Document everything, notarize what is necessary and tag it all properly. I would hate to have something for a hundred dollars mistagged for a dollar, you know what i mean?

More next post!


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