from WIIFM to WCIDFY is an oh so subtle shift in our paradigm of thought.



Im not saying that all of the time the WIIFM mindset is wrong but every thing has its peculiar place in its peculiar season or time in its own peculiar circumstance.

I do beleive that we ought to ask often WCIDFY more and WIIFM less. Heres how.

1. Be thankful. If a person finds themselves grumbling and complaining, gratitude turns their thoughts to matters of importance. Such as, i have breath in my lungs and blood in my heart and food, safety and shelter, i am better off than a whole lot of others.

2. Be prayerful. Science proves time and again that prayer and meditation, really whatever works to calm a person really does work. It causes us to look around and see vibrant colors where sadness used to visit. It is a calling to be calm and focus on things we take for granted. Breathing is the first physical thing God did for us but how many of us realize and control (or know how) our breathing. Sadly, we are so unaware of it, most of us fail to notice it until we cant do it any longer. Prayer does that. It encourages calm, steady attention an dfocus to things that we can shape with our thoughts.

3. Be loving. Im not talking about touchy feely crap here but the genuine form of love. Unconditional, with kindness, temperance and authentic. Without judgement or malice. A great example is Jesus. Another great example is the movie POWDER. Their goal is to teach love irregardless of the past or “feelings of animosity”

4. Be honest. When a person tells lies, they have to keep track and their mind eventually slips. We as a people can succeed to greatness only by being honest and people of integrity. Integrity and honesty are those things we do if no one is watching and will never find out. Even given that circumstance, some will do the right thing. Sadly more of the world leans toward dishonesty and a lack or integrity. But it does allow people to ask WCIDFY if they walk in integrity and honesty.

How about you? Do you have any other suggestions Ive overlooked or forgotten? Lets see this paradigm shift everywhere as we start to embrace WCIDFY instead of WIIFM.


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