As a title that looks like a radio station call letters, let me assure you it is not.

It stands for


When we hear a politician talking, how many of us are thinking WIIFM? instead of how can i help this country and not only need it to help me.

When we hear a preacher preaching, i know some of us wander down this WIIFM path. We are lost in salvation or patting ourself on the back or caught in guilt or whatever.

When we hear a song on the radio or a talk show or what have you, far too often we are concerned with only one thing. WIIFM?

You and i suffer alot for thoughts like these. Foreven if we do not admit it publicly, we all have had these passing, fleeting thoughts.

What is one of your tempting WIIFM moments or thoughts? What do you struggle with during one of those moments in life or a thought? Is it usually a good or guilty feeling?

Next post i would like to give some examples of how we can turn from WIIFM to WCIDFY.


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