OK! time to wrap up this series on sifido and your business.

The D stands for detailed history. This is the spot that you reach once your biz is up and running and you get a chance to peer deeper into the analytics of it. The numbers repeating, the common denominators, the great and wonderful steps leading from what happened to what will.

The detailed part gives a business owner, preacher, marketer a chance to review in a more stable environment. Once a person stops stressing over all the tasks and learning duty, then a person can start to truly focus on the work.

This is the part for analyzing everything and searching for even greater improvement!

The O is for ongoing assessment. This means, things are going awesome and you are getting into the groove but dont forget to stay vigilant and repeat your sifido as needed. Dont forget to “sharpen the saw” (7 habits of highly effective people) or the knife as this butcher likes to say. Find those areas for improvement to even greater serve your customers needs!

Be blessed, have faith, and go be light and salt to the world! Love thy neighbor as thyself.


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