The last two posts have been explaining sifido to help your business. Todays is interventions and transport.

Ok, you have shown up on the scene, figured out whats going on on a surface level now its time to boogie.

In any emergency, time is critical. The faster the better. The trick is to be efficient but not hasty or careless.

Your (emergency) business, youth group, non profit, marketing campaign needs to get the thing strapped to the board and safely fastened up. This is to lead to your (hospital) destination. (You do have a destination? Right?) The business needs you to simply patch this up in the fieldto stay afloat and get to safety. This means that as its leader, you must sever a limb that is under a rock immovable. To translate, that would be any thing standing and blocking the path to success. It could be even something out of control in your personal life, a company making way too many products with no focus on any, a church that needs to realign with a vision…

Get going. Dont wait to intervene and transport this sucka to get results you seek.

Has this been a thing you have encountered in your life? Have you stepped into a situation and needed to get it on the road to safety?


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