Yesterday, i expounded some thoughts an EMT could improve your business with. Scene size up and initial assessment were last post. Todays is:


Here is the moment in time where it is advisable to piece together the what that happened. For instance, if you see a person lying unconscious and a topPled ladder next to him/her logic would dictate that they might have fallen off of it but upon closer look, one notices an empty bottle of pills, a bullet casing, a hatchet nearby, a bottle of Jack emptied. Logic starts asking questions to get answers.

So much for cut and dried, right?

This could be you stepping foot in the nice ‘comfy’ manager chair or behind the pulpit at the beautiful mega church or even the business you acquired. These are the things that hide behind the usual pleasantries. The ugly side an ex seemed to keep well hidden until marriage, the dark side that a church parishioner hid and fooled everyone with…thats why people become mechanics because the dynamics of dealing with people and situations is not so simple as turn this bolt and this part loosens…

What does the rabbit trail tell you after the fact?


2 thoughts on “SIFIDO 2

    • I figured the nurse in you might get a kick outta this series. Its quite rudimentary but effective enough. Its not nearly as advanced as a nursing class. It is a nice foundation to build from though. Thanks for reading

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