After studying to be an EMT-B, I still recall alot of what I learned I will relate some of it to you.

The biggest thing they stressed was


SCENE SIZE UP—–upon arrival the EMT’s (management, owners, investors, worship leads, preachers…) need to survey the scene, see the potential hazzards, the elements that could lead to trouble, things not bad now but could go terrible. As an EMT or Paramedic, those things could be a gas truck leaking near a flame, rough and rowdy crowd…As a business owner, manager, lender it could be some bad numbers, crazy employees, a competitor with an advantage, market shift… As a leader it is your duty to rescue what you can and triage everything else. Triage means to sort. So pick what things you can help and forget about those things doing fine or almost dead, or those things that cannot be saved or salvaged. Look at the numbers, face the facts, own up to the task and give it your all!

INITIAL ASSESSMENT—–this is after your first look after gathering facts. This is the time to start formulAting a plan. This includes an initial hypothesis of the immediate need and objectives. This is where you start looking down the twenty seven flights of stairs with a busted elevator, trying to figure out how to get the patient down the stairs. This is the car wreck andthe jaws of life wont work. This is the part where your business, organization has been triaged, this is where you get to really see your stuff as it is not as you want it to be. Stay focused on the now and immediate.

I will continue this next post. Have a great day!


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