Butchering Battleground final part

Fifth and last post on tactic to cause your business to thrive!

9. Give the customer or guest as I prefer they be called outstanding service and a wonderful experience. Wow them. Impress them. Give them a reason for a future contact with your business. Leave them a good impression so that if you have done the proper things in the proper order they will rave about your business to their tribe. Free marketing, loyalty….

10. Use all of this to pay off your business debt. A business can never be truly thriving if in debt. Debt kills business with unnecessary risk. I dont believe in “responsible debt”. There is no such thing in my opinion. Build up an emergency fund for business and consult Dave Ramsey for greater in depth advice and wisdom.

Thanks for taking this dying to thriving business course with me. If you have any questions or how to grow your own business, feel free to ask here.

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