Butchering Battleground part four

More building your business to thrive.

7. Wrap it up. Packaging is important. Never underestimate a well designed package that is zen like and simple yet elegant. This is sometimes forgotten by business owners. Some even place it as a bother or another annoying part of the process. It isnt. It is oneof the most important things. I have seen the inner workings of five meat lockers so far. Out of those, three have been almost anal ocd like about packaging. Two have treated it as just another chore. The ones who are quite concerned about their packaging are thriving. That just may be a random thing but im leaning more towards it matters. Why is Apple chock ful of loyal customers while other equally inviting competitors are just a substitute? Packaging.

8. Notifying customer that their product or service is ready. This is where some get caught up wasting alot of time and effort with little accomplished. I have seen people spend hours calling customers to tell them their stuff is ready. Waste of time being that there are computers, internet, email and smart phones capable of doing such menial tasks. Excel acess and word are deftly capable of having mail merge incorporated to do this job in seconds that takes hours otherwise. Use technology for its intended purpose and do not be scared of it.

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6 thoughts on “Butchering Battleground part four

  1. I totally agree with you. Packaging is important. I worked at WalMart for a while in the jewelry dept. If someone came in and bought just a little inexpensive trinket for a gift (it could have been all they could afford), I would wrap it like it was a Tiffany piece. It was respectful toward the customer, and nice for the recipient. I like to shop at Fresh Market, as well as The Chop Shop in my town. I have to say, the packaging is a lot better at Fresh Market, and it does make a better impression on me! Chop Shop, while it is a gourmet meat market, has been forced to offer more specials lately to stay in business. Maybe a sprucing up would help as well.

    • You are exactly right. The customer always remembers the little things. For me, ive noticed that the times, ive been wowed, it was mostly over packaging and presentation. I remember trying to open up a package of steaks from a meat shop and having such a difficulty opening, i never went back. No customer wants hassled over the purchase of a product. No customer wants to fight packaging just to get the treasure out. Make it simple and elegant. Thanks for reading and taking the time to comment!

  2. In a medical/nursing/service business such as mine, how I present myself is important in building trust. Do I look and sound professional? Am I knowledgeable and trustworthy.? Are my foot care instruments sterilized and packaged so as to reassure my patients that I will not spread any infection? Do I honour time commitments? It’s all part of the packaging and so important for customer satisfaction and retention. I’m enjoying this series of posts.

    • Thanks for reading through this series and commenting. I have a new series plannd and ready after this one. I guess i never quite thought about a person as a packaging but wow! I should have. That is great you noticed that and made that alliteration. Yes, how you appear, keep your commitments and your tools in great order is wonderful packaging! Great thoughts! Thanks again

    • Still trying to make it interesting and less about me but more about others. God is good to us. He allows us the ‘widemargin’ to find our voice and gain courage through it all. Thanks for encouraging words fitly spoken.

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