Butchering Battleground part three

To continue our topic of thriving your business.

5. Fill up your cooler. While you got your idea hanging and aging, now is the time to be gathering more stuff to hang and age in your ‘cooler’. Call up potential customers and be selling effectively. If not, you will do up the work you have ready and then lose momentum waiting on more to age. If you fill the cooler now, you have momentum. Or at least, a start towards it.

6. Now, time to cut it up and make it ready for the customer. You have your right people in the right seats on your bus, you have been getting your cooler full, you have been turning that giant business wheel. Now, we focus on the little things and back to the customer. If you apply this way of looking at it, your business has a greater shot. Im not guaranteeing results. Aany customer wants the product or service to be custom to them and their needs. Apple does this frequently. You can do this in your business with any special touches to personalize your business to your customer. They cant process an entore half or quarter of beef. They need you to make it sized to their non industrial setup. The average person doesnt have access to the band saw, grinder…..meet that need and add personal touches to it. If they are wanting steaks ground up, do it. Try suggesting other options but listen to them in their requests. If they want quarter inch ribeyes, make it happen…

More next post!


2 thoughts on “Butchering Battleground part three

  1. “meet that need and add personal touches to it.” In a service/retail related business such as yours and my healthcare related business, personal touches makes or breaks the business. Treating every customer/client/patient like they are the most important person goes a long way.

    • How very right you are. Ive been in a few retail stores or hospitals that lost my business because of rudeness. Treating customers as an inconvenience is a good way to lose business. Thanks for joining the conversation! People always remember the little things! Be blessed!

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