Butchering Battleground part two

Yesterdays post, I shared some butchering metaphors to boost your business and place it on the path to tthrive. Today, we dig further in.

3. Skin it. Gut it. Split it. Break things down from the great big picture to smaller more easily handled portions of thought. As a business owner, one should skin their product and get rid of the stuff not desired in the final product. Butcher shops can sell certain hides to reduce render charges. Perhaps your business can oust their ‘hides’ in some way to let that byproduct produce another means of income.

4. Cool it down. This is the next step in building your thriving business. Beef hangs at most lockers about 7-17 days. Some go longer for ‘aging’ but it is personal preference. When you have done the other three steps and gotten to this one, here is the time to let your thriving workplace start aging and meshing together. This is a hard work area. A business owner has sleeves rolled up at this point. Its great that its in the cooler but the business owner cannot rest at this moment because prep work is needed now to keep this aging process secure. If a business cannot ageproperly because of stress and worry, perhaps repeating thefirst few steps again will bring you to this stage where the stress has melted and business can start turning its wheel of momentum.

More tomorrow.

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