Butchering Battleground

In life, there is competition and there is those who wish not to compete. Or, those who do not believe in anything but what they have always done. In a butchering business, it is not easy to win the competition or think outside the box for bigger market share.

I see alot of butcher shops hurting and alot that are thriving. Here, is some things any business can learn from thriving and dying butcher shops.

1. Treat your workers right and worry more about that first. I know, we are all taught to treat customers right as the ultimate business lesson, but im going to disagree with that for a moment. Im going on the premise that building culture ought to be our first prioriy right now. We will start here. From here, the solid foundation, can lead to great and thriving things. This means plucking the dead away to get to the good core. Getting rid of the c grade players and retaining the a team. Bye to the gossipers or anyone not wanting to move the vision forward.

2. When its splattering (or going full bore) get out of the way. Dont be foolish and try to control something kicking hard and spraying everwhere. Dont be alarmed, a business needs this key factor for thriving to happen. When an animal is first dropped and dying it kicks like a sonofagun. They call it death throes but it is a necessary step. If the business is fortunate enough to do step one and progress to this step, let things go their course and stand back. Part of building a workplace that is going to thrive. If a leader steps in now to stop step ones progress, failure or hurt will almost certainly follow.

More tomorrow.


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